A wedding seems all about the dress, but the suit or tuxedo worn at a wedding should be given just as much attention. Pantsuits, custom tuxedos, and mix and match suits are all common wedding attire for men, women, and other genders alike, and visiting a men's tailoring shop to have a suit fitted just right can be one of the best investments you can make.

Here are reasons why you should give the suit more attention on your big day, whether it is you wearing the attire or the honor is bestowed on your beloved.

The suit fits better

Any suit can be made more glamorous and alluring if it's fitted well. A men's tailor can ensure a suit fits well in areas of concern, such as the hips, thighs, waist, and leg length. Sleeves can be cuffed to the proper length and shoulder room can be made so that there are no gaps in the suit. If a jacket is being worn for the wedding, then this will be fitted as well, along with any vests, cummerbunds, or other pieces.

The suit looks better

If a wedding dress has been properly customized and fitted and a tux or suit has not, the suit can look even more disheveled and ill-fitting than it does on its own. Make sure you have your suit fitted at your men's tailor so that the wearer of the suit can look just as commanding as the person in the dress. If both parties are wearing suits for the wedding, then it's all the more important to have both suits custom-fitted to the wearers.

Note: never try to tailor a suit on your own, even if you have experience with sewing and other hemming projects. You risk damaging the materials and making the suit fit improperly, which can cause you to lose the entire suit and have to start over. It's worth it to invest in a professional.

The suit holds its shape

As you move around in your suit on your wedding day, it will start to shift and feel looser. This is normal, but with professional tailoring via your men's tailor, your suit can maintain its shape longer so you can look and feel your best and be super comfortable from the wedding to the ceremony. Let your men's tailor know if you'll be dancing or doing other active things in your tux or suit so they can fit the attire to you more easily.

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