Congratulations on your wedding that's perhaps just a few months away! You might have done a lot of preparation to ensure you make it extremely unique. It's good you have looked for a great venue and have done everything else to make your wedding memorable. But do you have the right person to officiate your wedding? A wedding officiant plays a critical role in a wedding ceremony, so hiring the right one is always a plus. Unfortunately, some spouses only pay attention to the gowns, shoes, and crowns they will wear, catering, climate, vendors, and the expected guests. Getting the right wedding officiant is everything, and here's how you should go about it.

Get an Officiant You Are Comfortable With

What you feel about the wedding officiant you intend to hire matters a lot. Since a wedding is a memorable occasion, you definitely don't want anything to go wrong during the big day. Sadly, hiring an officiant that you don't feel comfortable with can mess up your wedding in a big way. Of course, everyone wants to relax during their wedding day and enjoy everything about it. So hiring an officiant you easily connect with makes a lot of sense. Where possible, you should get someone that you and your spouse feel confident about and one who will offer a ceremonial experience that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Hire One Who Highly Esteems Your Spirituality and Faith

Consider your spiritual community and faith when looking for a wedding officiant. Things have changed today, and many weddings happen at a wedding venue. And although you don't intend to have yours in a house of worship, you shouldn't neglect your faith or spirituality. Where possible, you should only hire a religious officiant who fully embraces your faith. Hiring one who contradicts it could possibly taint the image of your wedding. If you must compromise a bit, ensure you hire a wedding officiant who is flexible and one who will prioritize your needs.

Ensure the Wedding Officiant Is Licensed

You will definitely receive various gifts from friends, colleagues, and relatives during your wedding. However, you should also expect a signed marriage license from the officiant! No one wants to go home with a marriage license that isn't legally signed. So you should find out whether the officiant is fully registered and authorized to sign marriage licenses. The registration requirements vary from state to state, but it's always advisable to work with a registered wedding officiant because they make the ceremony legal. 

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