Weddings are some of the most expensive events in the lives of many people. But there is no need to break your bank for a one-time event. After all, you can still get something close to your dream wedding at more affordable rates. You only need to get a bit creative, and you'll enjoy a colorful wedding. When you identify a wedding package that suits your budget, you'll start your marriage life on solid financial footing. Consider the following wedding package ideas.

1. Rent Instead of Buying Decorations and Attire 

If you don't like the idea of buying a wedding dress that you'll probably never wear again, or you can't afford one, renting is an option. You can rent the beauty accessories as well as the bridesmaids' dresses and the grooms' attire. The same case applies to the reception decorations, given that they will hardly be of use after the wedding. 

2. Serve Wine and Beer to Evade Bar Costs

You must be aware that alcohol can bust a wedding budget quickly, especially if you intend to offer your guests different options. But, you don't have to go beyond your means. Stick to serving beer and wine, skip the open bar and save some good cash. When you cut the open bar cost, you'll manage to offer your guests various drinks to celebrate the wedding.

3. Use Affordable Yet Slick Flower Options

Fresh flowers can be costly, depending on the season and the type of flower. However, with an option like baby's breath, you'll acquire that slick look at a penny pincher's price. You can use baby's breath to make centerpieces as well as aisle decoration. You need not complicate the presentation either, as you can place the baby's breath in beer bottles, mason jars, or pickle jars. Practically any glass container can hold the baby's breath. This way, you save on rental cash for the flower jars.

4. Choose a Dual Purpose Venue

When trying to identify a wedding venue, go for a site that can host the ceremony and reception. Dual-purpose venues save you from paying more cash for another venue. Plus, if you are offering transport for your guests, having them dropped at one location will be cheaper than having them transported to two different sites.

Are you stranded financially, yet your wedding is around the corner? Worry not because you'll get wedding packages that will meet your needs at affordable prices when you shop around. 

For more information, contact a local business that offers wedding packages.