Should you have your wedding on a Sunday? While most couples automatically assume that a Saturday wedding is the only option, moving it to the following day could benefit you for a variety of reasons. Here are five of these reasons. 

1. More Venue Availability

Great wedding venues of all sizes are often booked up solidly on Saturdays, especially during the height of wedding season. But the other days can be much more available. So if you really want your ceremony or reception at a particular location, Sunday nuptials may be much easier to secure. 

2. Better Vendor Services

Like venues, wedding vendors are usually booked out for Saturdays during the busy parts of the year. By opting for a different day of the weekend, you may be able to get a better pool of vendors and even better pricing since competition isn't as fierce. This may bring discounts on everything from catering and cakes to the venue's additional services. 

3. More Controlled Partying

Weddings are expensive. But if you can reduce the commitment for the big party, you may be able to better control costs. Sunday weddings tend to be shorter and more restrained. This can save you money on the hours booked at the venue, the size of the venue needed, the amount of food, and the amount of alcohol served. 

4. Spreading Out the Work

Could an extra day on the weekend help you with wedding travel or planning? An extra day on the weekend could be just what you need if you're traveling to a destination wedding, if you work all week and need the extra time to prepare your venue space, or if you want to spend more time with out-of-town guests. 

5. A Memorable Wedding

Want to make your nuptials stand out? A Sunday wedding is a great way to set that tone from the start. It provides new inspiration for the wedding theme and favors. It's a fun surprise for wedding guests used to the same old thing at the same old venues. And it brings freshness to a process that often becomes stale and cookie-cutter. 

Which of these benefits could take your wedding to the next level? Whether you want to ensure the right venue, save some money, buy more time to prepare, or simply craft a unique wedding day, a Sunday wedding could be the answer you didn't know you needed. Learn more about Sunday festivities by touring the wedding venue of your choice today.