One of the most exciting things about planning your future wedding is getting to select a beautiful venue for the reception. To avoid problems on your special day, use these tips during your selection process.

Think About Distance from Wedding Location

If you plan to wed in a church, it's important that you consider the distance and time it will take for your guests to get to the reception venue. You'll only have the venue for so long, so even if you're in love with a particular space, it may be worth it to choose somewhere closer so that everyone can enjoy the reception for as long as you're scheduled to be there.

Another solution may be to have your wedding at the reception venue; however, this may be a challenge to work out time-wise and may cost extra.

Ask for Discounts

You may be so happy to have a shot at a particular venue that you don't think of asking about discounts you may deserve. However, you just might be pleasantly surprised to discover that you may get a discount for scheduling your reception in the off-season or on a weekday. The amount of the discount may be enough for you to adjust your plans somewhat.

Talk About Changes to the Space

Typically, you'll be able to look at a portfolio showcasing different weddings done at the venue so you can envision what your own reception will look like. However, if you have ideas that don't seem to be displayed in the portfolio, ask about changes that might be made. For example, if you want to bring in your own candles, you may need to check if that is permissible. If you plan to use different linens or glassware, it is also important to ask about those items.

Discuss Cancellations

Even if you don't think there is a chance that anything could stop your reception from happening, it is always possible. An extreme weather event could take place or someone could be rushed to the hospital, for instance. To be ready for those instances, it is vital to discuss what kind of policies are in place in case the reception cannot happen. Knowing the policies beforehand can help you avoid surprises later.

Choosing the venue for your reception can be a pleasant experience; just use the guidance above to make sound choices. Talk with a variety of venues, like Castle McCulloch, until you find the most suitable place for your day.