Getting married is the second-most expensive event in your life, next to having a child. With that in mind, many couples struggle with how to make their big day less expensive, or at the very least, more reasonably-priced. Since venues and churches are a big part of that expense, here is how you can cut corners on costs with regards to event locations.

Get Married in the Reception Hall

Think about it--all of your friends and family are already present at the reception hall. They are already comfortably seated at tables, and all have a great view of an aisle that you can walk down. That said, your reserved day and time at the reception hall can include your wedding ceremony. All you have to do is add the preacher, priest or pastor and the wedding march music. When the ceremony is finished, everybody sits down to eat right there. You can always do pictures somewhere else or have a few snapshots taken at picturesque locations nearby after dinner.

Dine in the Basement of the Church

That is a good, old-fashioned Lutheran wedding. You get married upstairs in the church, and then everyone eats at the buffet downstairs in the church basement. Add some choice decorations and a little elegance to the tables and chairs, and it looks like a completely different location. Since most churches (including Lutheran ones!) close off the entire church for a wedding, why not utilize the basement for the meal anyway? You paid for the church reservation on that day; use it all.

On the Family Lawn

What could be more traditional than a wedding on your family's lawn? The best part is, your family lawn is a free venue, and you cannot do cheaper or better than free. Additionally, you can do this rain or shine. If rain is predicted, you just reserve and erect a tent. If your lawn (or your parents' lawn) contains a beautiful garden and gazebo, you also have some ideal spots to take pictures too. Hire a caterer to cook or grill outdoors, and rent some tables and chairs. It can be quite lovely, if you know exactly how to go about it.

Banquet Halls of Special Organizations

Many American Legion Halls operate as banquet halls year round to support their organizations. Any one of these places may have an inexpensive venue to use. However, these places may be a little more rustic, but if you're a hunter's bride, it may be perfect.