The beautiful city of Las Vegas is a vacation destination that over 40 million people visit each year. Though The Strip is only 4.2 miles long, it holds some of the best attractions in the United States. One of these most famous attractions is the ability to get married in Las Vegas, with a whole package for less than the cost of most other places. If you and your love plan to get married at a chapel, like A Little White Wedding Chapel, you won't have to bring anything with you besides your attire and your rings. If you are stumped as to what to pack for the rest of your Vegas wedding and honeymoon trip, here are a few suggestions.

A little black dress

Along with your beautiful white wedding dress, you will also need to bring along attire for a candlelit dinner after your wedding. There are hundreds of restaurants located on The Las Vegas Strip with a romantic ambiance. Bring a little black dress and heels to make your wedding dinner something special. If you need to double up outfits to save suitcase space, you can throw leggings or shorts under your little black dress to make a cute daytime outfit the next morning. 

Walking shoes that go with anything

It is inevitable that you will do a lot of walking in Las Vegas. Though you can take cabs and buses on The Strip, you will likely walk around inside of the casinos and activity buildings. In order to remain comfortable, pack yourself easy, yet stylish shoes. You also want your walking shoes to match all of your outfits. Consider a fashionable black pair of running shoes if you prefer sneakers. If you are not the sneakers type, consider a pair of flat espadrilles in a neutral color. If soft shoes are your thing, consider moccasins with a bendable nature for easy walking.

Club wear and swimwear

Las Vegas is home to some of the hottest night clubs in the county. Clubs in Las Vegas serve all types of crowds. There are the fun, rowdy clubs, over 25 lounges, and even beach clubs to enjoy. Remember to bring your best club wear and swimwear along inside of your suitcases. If you normally carry a purse, bring a small wristlet or a coin purse to carry your cash and cards, as you won't want to have to have a large bag weighing you down. 

Infused water bottle

Las Vegas is in a desert climate and is hot year round. While you can purchase water on The Strip, you may end up spending a fortune buying a new bottle of water every few hours. To save your money for gambling fun and romantic dinners, bring your own infused water bottle. Add fresh fruit, either from breakfast or from your hotel room, into the infuser and add ice from ice machines located inside of hotels. Most hotels will have an ice machine on each residential floor. The fruit will help to enhance the flavor of the water, in case you find the taste different than the water that you usually drink. During the day, refill the bottles for free at your restaurants, hotel fitness centers, and near the pool areas where water is in abundance. It will be important to stay hydrated and healthy to enjoy the long days and nights of your Las Vegas honeymoon.