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3 Things To Decide Before Hiring A Wedding Planner

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Though winter is still in full swing over most of the globe, many couples only see the spring buds in their near future as their wedding date comes closer and closer. But whether you’ve been engaged for a week or for a year, it can be extremely hectic in those months leading up to your wedding, what with everything that has to be decided, sorted, and created. For this reason (among many others), many couples look to the services of a wedding planner to help them with all that minutiae — but a wedding planner can’t do all the heavy lifting, especially if you don’t have a foundation upon which they can begin. So if you’re wondering what decisions you should make before getting the help of a wedding planner, then here’s what you need to know. The Date One of the most important choices to make for your wedding is, well, when to actually have the wedding. Giving your future wedding planner an exact date (and a preference for a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding) will help them give you a list of venues that are available, plan for seasonal foods to keep the cost down, and make decisions about what to do with likely inclement weather (if you’re getting married in the rainy season or a normally blustery time, for example). The Number Your family, their family, your friends, their friends — even for those without a lot of siblings or close friends able to attend, it can be amazing how quickly the number of wedding guests adds up. Not only does this number narrow down your choices for venues, it’s also important to figure out how many people you can afford to feed and sit (more on that below). Start with immediate family and close friends for both of you, and begin narrowing it down from there. Your freshman roommate might be a lovely person, but if you haven’t spoken to them since freshman year, leave them off the list. The Budget Possibly the most important decision that you’ll make regarding your wedding, your budget will limit how many people you can invite, what venue you can use, the dresses and suits, and even the type of food that you serve (finicky recipes like soufflĂ© aren’t attainable for groups of 600 people, for example). First off, discuss with your future spouse what amount of money you consider to be reasonable to spend on your wedding, taking a look at both of your finances to make sure it’s feasible. If your parents and/or your parents-in-law are chipping in, add that to your total. If you’re really lucky, distant relatives and friends who can’t come to the wedding may instead send a check or two to make up for their absence. For more information, talk to a professional like Events By...

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Selecting An Appropriate Wedding Reception Space

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One of the most exciting things about planning your future wedding is getting to select a beautiful venue for the reception. To avoid problems on your special day, use these tips during your selection process. Think About Distance from Wedding Location If you plan to wed in a church, it’s important that you consider the distance and time it will take for your guests to get to the reception venue. You’ll only have the venue for so long, so even if you’re in love with a particular space, it may be worth it to choose somewhere closer so that everyone can enjoy the reception for as long as you’re scheduled to be there. Another solution may be to have your wedding at the reception venue; however, this may be a challenge to work out time-wise and may cost extra. Ask for Discounts You may be so happy to have a shot at a particular venue that you don’t think of asking about discounts you may deserve. However, you just might be pleasantly surprised to discover that you may get a discount for scheduling your reception in the off-season or on a weekday. The amount of the discount may be enough for you to adjust your plans somewhat. Talk About Changes to the Space Typically, you’ll be able to look at a portfolio showcasing different weddings done at the venue so you can envision what your own reception will look like. However, if you have ideas that don’t seem to be displayed in the portfolio, ask about changes that might be made. For example, if you want to bring in your own candles, you may need to check if that is permissible. If you plan to use different linens or glassware, it is also important to ask about those items. Discuss Cancellations Even if you don’t think there is a chance that anything could stop your reception from happening, it is always possible. An extreme weather event could take place or someone could be rushed to the hospital, for instance. To be ready for those instances, it is vital to discuss what kind of policies are in place in case the reception cannot happen. Knowing the policies beforehand can help you avoid surprises later. Choosing the venue for your reception can be a pleasant experience; just use the guidance above to make sound choices. Talk with a variety of venues, like Castle McCulloch, until you find the most suitable place for your...

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Three Tips For Same-Sex Couples Planning Destination Weddings

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The recognition of same-sex marriages has given millions of people the opportunity to get married. However, many same-sex couples may not have much experience with arranging the details of a marriage, and this can cause them to make some potentially major oversights. Avoiding these oversights is a major goal for those that are committing to holding a destination wedding. Luckily, you can use the following tips to help minimize the risk of you making these errors. Have An Organized List For The Deposits That You Have Paid Regardless of where you hold the wedding, it is likely that you will have to pay numerous deposits to secure your rentals. Unfortunately, the various venues and services that you need may have very different policies when it comes to handling deposits. To help you stay organized with this aspect of your wedding arrangements, you will want to create a list that contains every deposit that you paid and a short summation of the requirement for having the deposit returned and the timeframe. This will allow you to quickly review this list so that you know exactly what to expect when it comes to having your deposits returned, and this can help you to create a more efficient budget. Be Prepared To Help Some VIPs With Travel Expenses One of the great benefits of holding a destination wedding is the ability to choose an exotic location. However, it is a reality that the travel costs required to attend the wedding may be prohibitive to some individuals. There may be specific family members or friends that you want to attend but that may have difficulty paying, such as elderly grandparents and unemployed friends. In instances where you consider these individual’s attendance essential, you should make sure to include enough money in the budget to help them with transportation costs. However, this can quickly become extremely expensive, and as a result, you should limit this type of help to the most important and financially limited individuals. Invest In Travel Insurance It is an unfortunate reality that there can be a number of emergencies that may cause your destination wedding to be delayed. Often, this can be due to illness or natural disasters, and people may assume that they will lose all of the deposits and other expenses that they have paid for the wedding. However, it may be possible for you to invest in a travel insurance policy to help you be protected against this event. While these policies will not cover all of these expenses, they will normally reimburse you for non-transferable or refundable plane tickets and hotel expenses. However, you will want to closely review these policies as the exact expenses covered and the types of claims that will be honored can vary greatly from one policy to another. For more information, contact a firm like Dillinger Arts,...

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Is Your Wedding Budget A Little Tight? Event Locations That Can Help Loosen Your Purse Strings

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Getting married is the second-most expensive event in your life, next to having a child. With that in mind, many couples struggle with how to make their big day less expensive, or at the very least, more reasonably-priced. Since venues and churches are a big part of that expense, here is how you can cut corners on costs with regards to event locations. Get Married in the Reception Hall Think about it–all of your friends and family are already present at the reception hall. They are already comfortably seated at tables, and all have a great view of an aisle that you can walk down. That said, your reserved day and time at the reception hall can include your wedding ceremony. All you have to do is add the preacher, priest or pastor and the wedding march music. When the ceremony is finished, everybody sits down to eat right there. You can always do pictures somewhere else or have a few snapshots taken at picturesque locations nearby after dinner. Dine in the Basement of the Church That is a good, old-fashioned Lutheran wedding. You get married upstairs in the church, and then everyone eats at the buffet downstairs in the church basement. Add some choice decorations and a little elegance to the tables and chairs, and it looks like a completely different location. Since most churches (including Lutheran ones!) close off the entire church for a wedding, why not utilize the basement for the meal anyway? You paid for the church reservation on that day; use it all. On the Family Lawn What could be more traditional than a wedding on your family’s lawn? The best part is, your family lawn is a free venue, and you cannot do cheaper or better than free. Additionally, you can do this rain or shine. If rain is predicted, you just reserve and erect a tent. If your lawn (or your parents’ lawn) contains a beautiful garden and gazebo, you also have some ideal spots to take pictures too. Hire a caterer to cook or grill outdoors, and rent some tables and chairs. It can be quite lovely, if you know exactly how to go about it. Banquet Halls of Special Organizations Many American Legion Halls operate as banquet halls year round to support their organizations. Any one of these places may have an inexpensive venue to use. However, these places may be a little more rustic, but if you’re a hunter’s bride, it may be...

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2 Simple Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

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Many brides look forward to their wedding day for years. Flowers play an important role in the overall appearance of a wedding and reception, and the average bride spends $100 to $150 on her bouquet alone. If you are going to be spending a lot of money on your floral arrangements, you might want to consider preserving the flowers so that you can have them for years to come. Here are two simple ways you can preserve your wedding flowers in the future. 1. Dry the flowers in your bouquet. Dried flowers last much longer than fresh flowers, and they have a number of uses when it comes to decorating your new marital home. If you want to preserve your bridal bouquet, then drying could be a great option. If you want to maintain the vibrant colors that attracted you to the flowers in your bouquet, then drying them in silica gel is your best bet. Silica gel can be purchased from your local craft store, and provides a simple way to preserve your flowers. Just bury your blossoms in a large container filled with silica gel, and allow the flowers to sit for a few days to a week. Remove the flowers, and use them to decorate your new home. 2. Turn your flowers into votive holders. Transforming your flowers into votive holders can be a simple and elegant way to preserve the blooms from your wedding. Although many people use faux flowers when working with plaster, the living blooms from your wedding will work just as well. Start by mixing the plaster according to the manufacturer’s directions in a large container. Once the plaster is mixed, trim the stems of your flowers and cut away enough of the center of the bloom to hold a votive candle. Holding the flower by the shortened stem piece, dip the bloom into the plaster. Be sure to turn the flower in order to coat all the layers. Remove the flower from the plaster and give it a brisk shake to remove excess product. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result, then trim the remaining stem piece away and lay the flowers on a flat surface to dry. Once the plaster has hardened, add a votive candle and enjoy your newly preserved wedding flowers. Finding simple ways to preserve your wedding flowers allows you to enjoy your investment well into the...

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Tips To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most memorable events you can experience, and it should be no surprise that many couples feel a tremendous amount of pressure when planning these events. People without a lot of wedding-planning experience may overlook some important factors, which may result in unfortunate complications on this important day. Following these tips should help you avoid some common oversights. Consider The Event Schedule For The Local Area Regardless of the city where you are wanting to have your wedding, there are likely to be many events that could be happening on the same day. Whether it is a large convention or a music festival, these events can create major travel headaches for your guests because parts of the city may be closed to traffic.  Fortunately, most larger cities have an event calendar that will list most of the major events that will be occurring in the city. Consulting this calendar can help you to ensure that your wedding day is not unnecessarily complicated due to these issues. In addition to avoiding major events, you should also contact any venues in the immediate vicinity to ensure there are no small local events that could create traffic problems around your wedding chapel or venue. When there are no major bars, musical halls or theaters near your venue, this is not something that you will need to worry about.  Accommodate Guests With Children It is an unfortunate fact that many of the people you invite to your wedding will decline to attend. Some of these people may be parents that are concerned about finding a babysitter or having their children disrupt the service. To help accommodate these individuals, you should arrange for childcare services during the ceremony to ensure that your friends and family with small children do not have to worry about this.  In addition to providing these services, you should make sure that your invitation clearly indicates that childcare services will be available. This will help ensure that your guests are aware of these accommodations before they decide whether or not to attend.  Planning a wedding can be highly stressful due to the many guests and details that must be addressed. When oversights occur, they can quickly cause your wedding to encounter major problems. To ensure that your guests have a good time and the event goes smoothly, you should follow these tips to ensure that accidental oversights do not derail this extremely important day in your...

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What To Pack For After Your Vegas Wedding

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The beautiful city of Las Vegas is a vacation destination that over 40 million people visit each year. Though The Strip is only 4.2 miles long, it holds some of the best attractions in the United States. One of these most famous attractions is the ability to get married in Las Vegas, with a whole package for less than the cost of most other places. If you and your love plan to get married at a chapel, like A Little White Wedding Chapel, you won’t have to bring anything with you besides your attire and your rings. If you are stumped as to what to pack for the rest of your Vegas wedding and honeymoon trip, here are a few suggestions. A little black dress Along with your beautiful white wedding dress, you will also need to bring along attire for a candlelit dinner after your wedding. There are hundreds of restaurants located on The Las Vegas Strip with a romantic ambiance. Bring a little black dress and heels to make your wedding dinner something special. If you need to double up outfits to save suitcase space, you can throw leggings or shorts under your little black dress to make a cute daytime outfit the next morning.  Walking shoes that go with anything It is inevitable that you will do a lot of walking in Las Vegas. Though you can take cabs and buses on The Strip, you will likely walk around inside of the casinos and activity buildings. In order to remain comfortable, pack yourself easy, yet stylish shoes. You also want your walking shoes to match all of your outfits. Consider a fashionable black pair of running shoes if you prefer sneakers. If you are not the sneakers type, consider a pair of flat espadrilles in a neutral color. If soft shoes are your thing, consider moccasins with a bendable nature for easy walking. Club wear and swimwear Las Vegas is home to some of the hottest night clubs in the county. Clubs in Las Vegas serve all types of crowds. There are the fun, rowdy clubs, over 25 lounges, and even beach clubs to enjoy. Remember to bring your best club wear and swimwear along inside of your suitcases. If you normally carry a purse, bring a small wristlet or a coin purse to carry your cash and cards, as you won’t want to have to have a large bag weighing you down.  Infused water bottle Las Vegas is in a desert climate and is hot year round. While you can purchase water on The Strip, you may end up spending a fortune buying a new bottle of water every few hours. To save your money for gambling fun and romantic dinners, bring your own infused water bottle. Add fresh fruit, either from breakfast or from your hotel room, into the infuser and add ice from ice machines located inside of hotels. Most hotels will have an ice machine on each residential floor. The fruit will help to enhance the flavor of the water, in case you find the taste different than the water that you usually drink. During the day, refill the bottles for free at your restaurants, hotel fitness centers, and near the pool areas where water is in abundance. It will be important to stay hydrated...

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2 Tips For Choosing And Loving Your Plus Size Wedding Dress

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The average woman in the United States is a size 14, which is also the point that clothes become plus-sized. If you are a size 14 or above, choosing a wedding dress is often particularly challenging, since many sample bridal gowns dresses are primarily available in smaller sizes. Fortunately, you can still find a wedding dress you love and love it even more after you have it modified to your precise figure and preferences. The tricks to doing so are knowing how to shop for the dress and how to customize it to your precise needs. Take Your Own Measurements Before You Shop For Your Wedding Dress You have probably already noticed that in the United States, there are significant differences in the sizing of most women’s clothing. That is still true of wedding dresses and in fact, wedding dresses often run several sizes above what your normal size would be. In order to save time and expense later on, be sure to get one that is as close to your own size as possible, as alterations will be easier and less expensive. You will also be able to save a lot of time and frustration by taking your bust, waist and hip measurements before you set foot in the bridal shop. Once you get there, the associates should know which manufacturers have sizes that correlate to your measurements. However, as mentioned below, it is still crucial to allow sufficient time between the purchase of the dress and your wedding day, for professional alterations. Choose The Right Seamstress And Plan For The Right Alterations It is a good idea to remember how complicated the average wedding dress is. You may have been surprised to learn when you were shopping for the gown that it is not unusual to need help getting in and out of wedding dresses. By extension, that means that although you may be able to get pants hemmed or a skirt let out from your local dry cleaner, it is usually better to choose a professional seamstress with experience improving wedding dresses to handle your beautiful gown. In addition, you should also allow sufficient time for the fittings, particularly at your first visit. If you expect any significant physical changes due to pregnancy, childbirth or weight loss, etc. you should speak with your seamstress to determine how long will be needed prior to the wedding to modify your gown. In conclusion, your wedding dress is an enormous investment that you may have been thinking about for years. When shopping for it, it is best to be prepared with your measurements and style preferences. Once you have the perfect dress, it is also very important to choose the right pprofessional to customize it to your body type and...

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